Dinner in Bistro Solna – an evening to remember

Tuesday evening, we are gathered with Patrik’s family in a cozy bistro Solna. It’s cold and dark outside but as fast as we got into the restaurant and I saw faces of our heart-warming family. I forgot about everything else what was happening outside. I noticed this tends to happen to me often when I’m around Patrik’s family. That day I was extremely tired, we went to the restaurant right after work. We wanted to be there, Patrik’s niece Sessie was leaving back to the States.

I had been sitting for a while at a table and caught my thoughts right in the middle of a conversation..I felt so lucky. Everything about the scene felt so beautiful, so surreal. They felt so right, no pretending, appeared as they are. And most of all I could sense the sincerity in them. It is something rare nowadays. The smiles on their faces, all the moves, how they looked back at you, all the funny stories.. I felt blessed and grateful. It was just an ordinary day but turned into one of the best days in my life.

P.S Try risotto if they have it on the list, one of the best ones I have ever had.


Näyttökuva 2017-03-28 kello 22.46.25



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