Restaurant reviews

I have been planning to write restaurant reviews for a long time now. I love to eat outside with my husband Patrik. We were in a long distance relationship for 2,5 years when Patrik was working in Oslo, so whenever he came home to Helsinki we wanted to spend a good time over romantic dinners. In 2,5 years we pretty much visited most of the great fine dining restaurants in Helsinki. We always wanted to try something new but had so many bad experiences so I wanted to get some basic info on the restaurants that we planned to visit.  However, it was very difficult to find good and quality reviews on the restaurants. After a while, I got an idea to write reviews on restaurants we visited and share my experience.

I love food from all over the world and I’m always very curious to try new tastes. I love how a good meal brings family and friends together. So cooking and visiting restaurants has become a lifestyle for me. We spend so much time in restaurants that I will allow myself to say that I have good experience in Helsinki restaurants.

I believe that when people go to a restaurant they seek for a pervasive experience. So in my reviews, I will pay attention to details such as the acoustics of the venue, interior, lighting, to the outfit of the staff, plates, silverware, setting, music and overall atmosphere.

I intend to be very honest and maybe sometimes very cruel. I believe that restaurants are there for a great experience. Every fine dining should leave an indelible memory of the time spent there. It should be the main focus of the personnel.

My reviews are from a perspective of a customer. I am not a professional at this neither I intend to be. I want to write reviews since I enjoy visiting restaurants and I have noticed that there are too many restaurants that don’t do their job well and many good ones that are left unnoticed.


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